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CXO TV FinTech Innovation Awards

In recent years FinTech Companies have taken off by offering banking consumers a better, easier, and more on demand experience for their traditional banking needs such as peer-to-peer payments, financial advice, money management, and lending. We are looking for FinTech Disruptors for this award category.

CXO TV FinTech Innovation awards is to celebrate the best innovations from fintech companies while recognizing the top companies and products in the financial services and technology industry today. The mission of the FinTech Innovation Awards is to perform the deepest evaluation of the comprehensive FinTech sector, and then recognize the creativity and success of FinTech companies, technologies, and products around the world.

To nominate your FinTech company, product or service, please enter the required information in the form on this page.

For the open “Nomination” field, we ask that you answer the question of “Is this Solution innovative for the industry? Justify your nomination in 100 words & Upload supporting doc” for your specific category.

You may submit the same product or company in multiple categories if multiple categories are relevant.

Complete and submit for your entry online by December 5, 2020.

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