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Ricoh Gains 7% Market Share in Laser Printers – Manoj Kumar, Ricoh

In an interaction with itVARnews Manoj Kumar, Executive Vice President & CEO, Ricoh India throw light on the company’s current focus and the channel strategies. Excerpts from the interview..manoj-kumar,-ricoh

What is the present focus of Ricoh?

Ricoh has evolved over the last couple of years from just being a hardware seller to a provider of solution based services in an integrated manner,  to fulfill every need which a customer may have in the office space. We have unique solutions, services and products   in the arena of imaging, communications and IT services. Through these, we can offer a plethora of products and services to the customers. Our Objective is to become a one stop solution provider for every need of the customer.

How is Ricoh positioning its print solutions for VARs and SIs?

Ricoh has range of print solutions which fulfill every need of the customer and VARs. SIs play an important role in our business model as they take our products to every nook and corner of the country.

What are the big benefits of associating with Ricoh?

Ricoh has a range of products which fulfill the needs of our customers   across a wide range, and printers in different configurations which fulfill every need. Ricoh has a large and robust network within the country, and the brand    is associated with its quality products and services. We have been in the market for several years and I believe   these are some of the points which encourage our channel partners to do business with us.

How do you make sure to gain channel mindshare and helping them in moving up the value chain?

We have a range of products and services which we offer to channel partners depending on their bandwidth and the topography of their location, as well as the unique needs of the customers in their market. So, depending on these parameters, the channel partner is free to do business for any kind of product   across the entire range.

What is your enterprise go to market strategy?

As far as enterprise accounts are concerned, we have ambitious strategies  for penetrating into enterprise accounts. Our basic understanding   is that the enterprise customer is not looking for standalone boxes, but  for integrated solutions which can fulfill their needs. This is where Ricoh pitches in, because through the wide spectrum of our offerings allows us to operate as the one stop solution provider. We also practice a business process consulting based scale setting approach, which we use for enterprise customers and therein we bundle various devices, solutions & services which we offer to these customers.

How do you look at cloud and mobility as a trend and what are the printing solutions Ricoh offers?

Cloud and mobility have gained lot of traction in the last couple of years and I think that’s the name of the game consumer is moving towards cloud and mobility. Our products completely commensurate the network of cloud and mobility so I think that is one area where we can fulfill every need of the customer. Also Ricoh has its own cloud to offer these services to the customer.

What are your expansion plans?

Ricoh has been very active in   business across the   country. We understand that there are lots of market opportunities in tier 3-4 towns, while metro locations have reached a saturation point and there is lot of cut throat competition there. However, there are new opportunities which are arising in tier 3 and tier 4 towns and we would like to see them. . We have always been very active in these towns and our channel partners are helping us a lot to take our business in these territories.

What is the contribution of channels to your business?

Channels contribute handsomely to our business so almost 70% of our business comes from our channel partners and that’s because of the reach which we have with channel partners in several locations. We have a strong base of 2500 plus channel partners who represent us in every nook and corner of the country.

What is your current market share?

Ricoh market share in laser printer is about 7% and we believe that this has been a good achievement as we have just concluded 3-4 years in the market. In A3 printers market we have a leadership position.

What are the potential verticals for Ricoh?

Ricoh is focusing very actively on certain select verticals which we feel are propelling the growth of Indian economy. Education, manufacturing, BFSI and healthcare are the ones on which we are focusing. In addition we also understand that there are certain emerging verticals like retail, mice, real estate, telecom where again we are focused as needs of customers are very unique. So Ricoh has solutions to fulfill every unique need of the customer in each of these vertical.

What are the challenges you face in tier 2-3 cities?

In  tier 2-3 cities,  the customers are still evolving. The needs of those customers are still not advanced enough as compared to metro locations.  The challenge that we face there,  is how to get those customers to accept new solutions which are launching now,  and which we have to offer and how to go for an integrated time decision rather than just focusing on boxes.

What are your expectations from 2014?

India is a market growing at an impressive rate.  Ricoh is one of the fastest growing companies in India so there are lots of expectations that Ricoh has from India.

What is the key focus of Ricoh this fiscal?

The key focus of Ricoh this fiscal is to consolidate our market leadership position which is the first and foremost. The second focus is to penetrate the remote markets where lot of business is waiting to happen. The approach that we have started following for our enterprise customers now, is to position ourselves as an integrated one stop solution provider. That is  something that we would like to further intensify so that we are able to meet the every specific need of the customer. Finally, we plan to  focus on the vertical based sales approach as well.




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