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itVAR News is an IT News portal covering IT trends and Technology ,It is the strongest interactive medium for Indian Enterprise and SME to communicate and express their opinions on all the latest IT Products & happenings affecting the IT business

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The Website has been visited by over 1.9 million unique visitors already, with over a million visitors and over 2.5 million Page Views in Dec. 2008,
Alexa Rank – 13456 as on Nov 2008

itVarNews open rate for daily newsletter (newswire) is 29%

OptionNet Rate Per Day (Rs)
Ear Panel6,000
Column Panel5,000
Logo Button3,000


We specialize in Customized EDM\’s backed up with reports

Customized EDM to itVARnewsSubscribers
(Strong Reporting system with lead Generation )

1) SME –121603 Subscribers PAN Inda ( Companies having approx 200 PC users)
Profile – MD,Properitors, CEOs,VP, Marketing Heads,Consultants & IT manager/EDP Incharge etc

Architecture/Engineering/Construction/real Estate = 8,039
Consultant 1570
E-Commerce/E-Business/BPO = 1,717
Entertainment = 708
Finance/Banking/Accounting = 2,772
Govt/Military/Public Admin = 2,422
Health/Medical/Pharmaceutical = 3,272
Insurance/Legal Services 2,086
ISP / ASP = 1,233
Manufacturing(Non-Computer) = 819
Media Marketing/Advertising = 4,074
Software Developer/Publisher/Web Developer = 3,438
Telecommunications = 572
Transportation =196
IT Channels – 68320
Travel/Hospitality/Recreation/Food Service =7812
Web Hosting/Service Provider = 210
Other Business = 12,343
EDM Rate – 121603 Subscribers X 2/- per email id
2) IT Resellers (68320 Pan India)
Profile – IT vendors,Manufacturers ,developers,channel solution providers and technology Intergrators
EDM Rate – 68320 Subscribers X 1.50/- per email id
2) Enterprise: 38650 Enterprise profile -CTO/CIOs/VP,GM-IT ,EDP Head & IT Head/Manager,Software Engg/Pragrammers/Developers ,CEO/MD/propertors,Technical consultants
EDM Rate – 68320 Subscribers X 3.00/- per email id

USP of itVARnews EDMs

1) We charge on Total Open ……. not on Entire database
2) Multiple SMTP which ensure the reach of the mailer on the main box
3) Registered Database
4) Strongest ROI ……..Huge clientele with 85% Retention Ratio

For further queries and to know more about itVARnews, Email –

Mumbai – 9323672220……….. Delhi – 9810058441……………… Kolkata -9339000015


Advertising Terms and Conditions

  1. Online Banner ads must be provided by advertiser in accordance with the dimensions specified by Techplus media Pvt Ltd.
  2. All advertisements are accepted subject to the Techplus approval of the copy and to the required space being available.Techplus Media Pvt Ltd reserves the right to reject any creative without assigning any reason.
  3. All online ad placements will spawn a new browser window when clicked upon.
  4. Changes and Cancellations: All creative material must reach to given email address three business days prior to the launch of the campaign.
  5. All creative’s must reach to
  6. Once the RO is issued the creative must be supplied by the Advertiser without application or request from Techplus within 10 working days in case of EDM and 14 days in case of Banners. TechPlus Media Pvt Ltd is under no obligation to extend the period and will raise the invoice accordingly.
  7. Cancellations , suspensions or postpone of activity due to any reason after RO is issued will be charged for in full by Techplus Media Pvt Ltd, There will not be any extension for the paused activity and the cost during the paused period will have to be bear by the client or the agency
  8. The Techplus Pvt Ltd shall have no responsibility if the advertisement is not published on the agreed date as a result of reception creative after given time, strike, lock-out, fire, storm, flood, riot, explosion, power failure, break-down or failure of systems or machinery or any other event beyond the Publisher’s reasonable control.
  9. The Publisher’s credit payment terms are strictly 40 days from the date of invoice. Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to it, Techplus Media Pvt Ltd reserves the right to charge interest on overdue amounts.
  10. Files must be sent in one of the following .jpg/.gif, .swf, clickthrough URL format.
  11. Rate card invalidates all earlier quotations for any ad properties.
  12. Techplus Media Pvt Ltd reserves the right to change rates in accordance with the booking terms and conditions.
  13. No conditions other than those set forth in the rate card shall be binding upon Techplus unless specifically agreed to by Techplus in writing.
  14. Positioning of advertisements is at the sole discretion of Techplus except where a specific position has been agreed to by Techplus in writing.
  15. Cancellations or changes in advertising by the advertiser or its agency can not be made once the activity is live, unless otherwise agreed between the parties in writing. TechPlus Media Pvt Ltd is under no obligation to revise advertising materials not received by the closing date and such advertisements may not be subject to approval by the advertiser or its agency.
  16. Techplus Media reserves the right to hold the advertiser and its agency jointly and severable liable for all monies that are due and payable to itVARnews.
  17. In no event shall the liability of the Techplus for any breach of contract or in tort exceed the price paid by the Advertiser for the advertisement.

18. Techplus Leads Policy

itVARnews lead management process begins with the generation of inquiries/leads and is classified into two broad categories –

NQL – Nurturing Leads (Partially full fill BANT))
HQL – High Qualified Leads (Full fill BANT)

HQL – High Qualified Leads (Fulfill BANT)NQL – Nurturing Leads (Partially fulfill BANT)
Project Confirmed with BudgetProject confirmed with or without budgetNo confirm project
AuthorityDecision makers / InfluencersDecision makers / Influencers
NeedCustomer Needs and Pain points have been identified.Customer Needs and Pain points have been identified.
TimeWithin 3-12 months6 – 24 months
Solution DiscussedRequirement can be met.Requirement can be met.
Next StepsDemo Request, RFP, Vendor EvaluationSend Information, Events, Marketing Activities

Note – itVARnews can provide a platform to facilitate sales ,We can generate Qualified leads but will not be involved into Field sales .

As per our lead conduit validation policy ,A lead is term “Valid” only if it has no duplicate data , invalid values/ranges and missing fields . A lead is termed  “Rejected” only if the mail response from the receipt server  fail , We can replace rejected lead only if the same is intimated within 15days from the report submission date.   Rejected leads can be replaced with fresh leads only thru mail response process, Any Validation of leads through Tele-calling Involves additional cost .

19. Contacted and Not Contacted leads- – A lead is marked “Contacted” when you call and speak to the lead Contacted leads involve Tele -calling and involves additional cost .

Policy related to Not Contacted –
a) Replacement of leads If Non-contacted leads are reported within 7days from the date of report submission
b) Fresh set of Valid leads will be shared against Non contacted leads ,No status sheet will be shared related to Non-contacted leads if not Opted Tele-calling plan .
c) Any change in the profile of data, format of Lead sheet or any further filtering of the data can be done only with renegotiated price package.

Lead Rejection Policy

In order to ensure fair treatment of both Merchants and publishers we have adopted a consistent Lead Rejection Policy for all activity.



Acceptable Rejection Criteria:
Invalid Contact Details:The Customer Lead contains contact details that do not work, i.e. the telephone numbers supplied either do not ring, do not allow voice conversation (e.g. fax machine), have an automated “number not in service” type message or registered on the do not call service
Duplicate Lead:a Customer completes the same form twice and Optimise receives a duplicate Customer Lead regarding that Customer, in which case the duplicate Customer Lead shall not be valid
Hoax Lead:The Customer Lead contains contact details that are clearly bogus e.g. fictional names or random characters
Fraudulent Lead:A lead that Optimise determines was not generated in good faith by a customer with a genuine interest in the Product/Solutions/services
Non-Territory Lead:A lead generated by an individual who is not based in a  Non assigned territory



The Company must notify Optimise that a lead is rejected and the reason for the rejection within 7 days of receipt of the lead.


For the avoidance of doubt, the following (but not limited to the following) will not be acceptable reasons for the rejection of Leads:
Purchased Elsewhere:Advertiser will not invalidate Customer Leads for customers who have sourced their advice elsewhere following submission of their enquiry. Advertiser will follow up on a Customer Lead as quickly as possible to ensure it remains as fresh as when it was delivered.
Changed Mind:Advertiser will not invalidate Customer Leads for customers who have changed their mind about receiving advice, or whose circumstances have changed, following submission of their enquiry.
No Contact:Advertiser will not invalidate Customer Leads where Advertiser has been unable to contact the customer via any of the contact details in the Customer Lead, except where the telephone numbers do not work.


In case of any interruption or Pause in Campaign , the Invoice will be raised on total leads submitted before the Pause Instruction Techplus will  replace rejected lead only if the same qualify the above criteria and is intimated within 7days from the report submission date and subsequent final rejection on replaced leads  must again qualify above criteria and should intimated within 7 days  with rejection reason .

Comments/Discussion Fourm provides Comments and discussion forums as a platform for various businesses of the IT industry to discuss business issues. Gossip, personal attacks and unsubstantiated charges are prohibited. Messages posted on this Web site as discussion threads or Comments are solely the opinions of their creators and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of

All individuals who post material to this web site are solely responsible for all Content that they upload, post or otherwise transmit via the Web Site. cannot vouch for the authenticity of the user or company names or e-mail addresses associated with posted messages. Under no circumstances will be liable in any way for any Content, including, but not limited to, for any errors or omissions in any Content, or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any Content posted or otherwise transmitted via the Discussion Fourm. reserves the exclusive right to edit or remove messages containing inappropriate language or other material that could be construed as libelous, potentially libelous, or otherwise offensive or inappropriate. Discussion forums, bulletin boards and chat facilities are provided by solely for the convenience of those who make use of the service. does not endorse the products and services or other offerings mentioned in messages.


itVARnews Team

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