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ITCG Solutions bets big on Manufacturing for growth

A network integrated company, ITCG Solutions was incepted in 1994 selling license software. With no capital in hand Nilesh Kuvadia, Director ITCG Solutions started as a consultant and slowly build up the company.Nilesh-

With not much awareness of IT technology among people during 90s Nilesh had to face many challenges like little or no knowledge among the government officials about the usage of IT  services, piracy rate was very high and few vendors presence. Despite all odds he started focusing on upgrading the technical knowledge which has helped him in leveraging good opportunities in business.

What is the present focus of the company?

We are dealing in license software support and diversifying into distribution of products, storage and services. We are a professional network integrating company providing high end connectivity solutions. We are focusing on delivering enterprise wide networking systems based on reliability, manageability and individual customer needs.

What are the solutions you are offering?

We are offering security solutions, desktop virtualization and deployment of mailing solutions which are our key focus at present.

Which are the potential verticals for your business?

We are targeting manufacturing, engineering, consulting, government and education verticals but most of our business comes from manufacturing and education. We are earning 60% from manufacturing and the rest is spread between the other verticals.

How do you approach these verticals?

Most of our assignments are tender base. We work with government agencies and their specialized people. Whatever requirements come they come through tenders. Our 35% of business is completely on referrals and then we also get repeat orders from the existing clients.

What are the challenges you see while tapping these verticals?

Over the period competition in all areas has increased and there are more competitive products now available in the market with many choices for the customer. Though multiple partners have different OEMs who support their partners but payment terms have also restructured, outstanding in the market are some of the challenges that we primarily see in the market today. To overcome these challenges we have devised various methods.

What are your core competencies?

Security solution, thin client solution, desktop virtualization are our core competencies.

What was your turnover for fiscal year 2013-14 and what is your expectation for next fiscal?

We had Rs.24 crore turnover last fiscal and we expect to add 15%-20% growth for 2014-15.

What are your expansion plans?

We are trying to expand in cities within Gujarat and in the second phase we will explore Indore and MP regions. By the end of this year we will penetrate in Rajkot with our solutions.

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