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ARC HS38 increaases performance for Embedded Linux Apps

Synopsys Inc. has announced availability of DesignWare ARC HS38 Processor, latest addition to the ARC HS family of high speed processor IP cores. The 32 bit ARC HS38 optimized for power efficiency (DMIPS/mW) and area efficiency (DMIPS/mm2) with additional features to support embedded Linux and other high-end operating systems.

The ARC HS38’s perforSynopsysmance and low power consumption make it ideally suited to address the growing embedded control and signal processing demands of devices such as home routers and gateways, data centres, digital TVs, networked appliances and automotive infotainment.

“The new ARC HS38 provides an exciting upgrade path, delivering much higher performance with the same number of processors, and improved overall channel density. A critical component of the NPS-400 project was support for SMP Linux to ease our customers’ software programming.Our collaboration with Synopsys resulted in an optimized SMP Linux kernel, which will benefit ARC HS38 users as well,” said Guy Koren, CTO at EZchip Technologies.

The new HS38 processor has been optimized for embedded applications running Linux and offers excellent performance efficiency, delivering up to 1.93 DMIPS/MHz. On typical 28-nm processes, the HS38 achieves 2.2 GHz while consuming less than 90milliwatts of power and occupying only 0.21 mm2 of silicon area.

The HS38 has a full-featured memory management unit (MMU) supporting a 40-bit physical address space and page sizes up to 16 megabytes (MBs), giving designers the ability to directly address a terabyte of memory with faster data access and higher system performance.

The HS38 is also available in multicore configurations (dual-core and quad-core) with support for SMP Linux, full Level 1 (L1) cache coherency and up to 8MBs of Level 2 (L2) cache. In addition, an optional floating-point unit (FPU) accelerates computations with support for single- and double-precision arithmetic instructions.

ARC HS38 is highly configurable, so users can determine the optimum hardware features to implement for their specific design, as well as extensible to enable the creation of user-defined hardware accelerators that are tightly coupled to the processor core.

The new HS38 Processor is supported by the Synopsys MetaWare Development Toolkit, a complete solution for developing, debugging and optimizing embedded software on ARC processors.

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