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ZTE Offers Insights on Pre5G

ZTE Corporation discusses global development of 5G technology and its vision on pre5G at an international meeting of experts and industry 5Gofficials. In an address to the International Workshop on 5G-ICT Technologies conference in Beijing, Dr. Xiang Jiying, Chief Technology Officer of Wireless Products of ZTE, said pre5G will become available much earlier than 5G and deliver user experience comparable to 5G, offering high throughput and low latency. Pre5G will utilize some key 5G technologies, whilst being provisioned on existing 4G UE (user equipment), Dr. Xiang told delegates at the conference.

“Even though the industry is still working on 5G standardization, we already have a lot of clarity on 5G user experience and the 5G candidate technologies,” Dr. Xiang said. “Therefore, pre5G can be defined and implemented even before 5G becomes standardized.”

As a global leading supplier of wireless communications solutions, ZTE has put lots of effort into 5G research and development, and has been making breakthroughs and innovations in researches on key 5G technologies. Massive MIMO has been recognized as a 5G technology in the industry. Currently, ZTE has been developing pre-commercial Massive MIMO products without modifying the legacy 4G air interface, thus Massive MIMO has become an important part of pre5G.


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