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Industry teamwork drives to advance Supercomputer infra

To advance the supercomputer infrastructure to meet the ExaScale challenge of building a supercomputer which can deliver 1 million or more than a million calculations per second. Singapore’s agency for Science, team-workTechnology and Research (A*Star) Computational Research Center has brought together Obsidian Strategics, Tata Communications and an expert team of optical network and technology partners to rewrite history on distributing computational work over globally dispersed sites.

Partners see this as a means to lead the future of global supercomputer developments in architecture, algorithms, software and applications.  Marek T. Michalewicz, senior director, A*STAR Computational Resource Centre, said, “It is obvious that there is a definitive need in our industry to design and implement the mathematical tools and related software that will allow supercomputers located in different geo-locations to connect. Through these high-capacity transmission connections, novel applications of long-distance InfiniBand and advances in the application of graph theory will help make the InfiniCortex a reality, regionally and globally.”


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