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Ciena, Avaya complete solution to ease enterprise network operations

Ciena and Avayaare introducing an end-to-end WAN-LAN data networking solution to cost-effectively simplify network operations for enterprises Ciena,-Avaya-complete-solution-to-ease-enterprise-network-operationswhile increasing control when delivering on-demand services. The solution provides enterprises of all sizes with a flexible architecture that can be managed dynamically as their needs evolve. It delivers the flexibility to easily migrate to new service delivery models such as hybrid cloud and data center footprint consolidation, as well as simplifying the inclusion of new network locations.

The solutions is good for verticals like government, healthcare, and large enterprise customers’ growing use of real-time applications such as Unified Communications, business video, and Wi-Fi-enabled mobility.

The solutions allows businesses to fully virtualized the network and reap the benefits of the unified infrastructure. Empowering multi-service virtualization helps businesses to securely converge mission-specific applications, and provide each with customized connectivity and network functionality. This is achieved through the combination of:

o   Ciena’s packet networking and E-Suite solutions, all delivered on a programmable platform, provide the foundational WAN element; and,

o   Avaya’s Fabric Connect technology – enabling a simple, yet sophisticated, Ethernet and IP service delivery layer with embedded intelligence to leverage the flexibility and capacity of the underlying transport service.

With this solution, network operators have increased visibility and control of their networks through with the integrated intelligence and programmability of the Ciena and Avaya platforms. Specifically, it provides fault awareness end-to-end across the network and supports orchestration via third-party dashboards.

Educational institution can offer separate virtualized networks for students, faculty, business operations, financial transactions, and public safety CCTV. The new solution will allow the institution to converge multiple services and seamlessly transport them across the WAN, thereby reducing the overall cost and complexity of the network architecture.

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