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Dell PowerEdge FX to optimize modern and legacy workloads

Dell has announced the next generation of PowerEdge FX architecture, combining the efficient management of IT building blocks of server, Dell-PowerEdge-FX-storage and networking to optimize both modern and legacy workloads, bridging from a traditional data center to software defined datacenter.
The next-generation Dell PowerEdge FX architecture is Dell’s revolutionary approach to combining the best elements of blades and racks into one common modular platform with storage and networking integrated to help customers better manage, scale and budget for infrastructure to meet business needs.

The next-generation PowerEdge FX architecture is a 2U enclosure with six new PowerEdge server, storage and network IOA sleds built specifically to fit into the FX2 chassis and support varying workloads. Designed with integrated management capabilities, the FX architectureenables customers to easily configure, manage and add capacity to complete workload-specific blocks of IT resources.

Industry-leading enhancements make IT Management easier than ever

Workload optimization
• Tailor IT infrastructure with precise computing power, storage and connectivity
• Scale from single socket microservers up to high-performance 4-socket servers within a 2U rack chassis
• Use any style of storage — SAN, DAS or software defined — including in-chassis direct-attached FX storage blocks

Data center efficiency
With FX in place, customers can scale workloads on demand and add resources incrementally — without the expense and inefficiency of overprovisioning — and be ready for modern workloads with
• Dense virtualization — with up to 16 processors in 2U, or the ability to support large storage pools or scale-out Hadoop environments for Big Data analysis.
• Optional IO Aggregator modules — to simplify cabling complexity, enhance “east/west” traffic within the chassis and provide easy LAN/SAN convergence — saving time and costs



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