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ESG Lab announce notable results for VDI Solution

Brocade has announced results based on testing performed by ESG Lab. ESG-Lab-announce-notable-results-for-VDI-SolutionThe result shows 3500 virtual desktop reference architecture based on a single EMC XtremIO all flash storage array connected to 16 servers via Brocade Gen 5 Fibre channel Storage Area Network (SAN) and Brocade VDX Ethernet Fabric switches connecting servers to the virtual desktops.

The results validated that EMC VSPEX End user computing proven infrastructure reference architecture with Brocade networking was able to easily support upto 2500 full clone or 3500 linked clone virtual desktops on a XtremIO X-Brick node with sufficient headroom for additional desktops or other applications.

According to the ESG Lab report, “Delivering the optimal user experience is an essential IT task, but it is complex and difficult to design and build an environment that can deliver the predictable performance required for virtual desktop infrastructure….The VSPEX End-user Computing Proven Infrastructure with XtremIO all-flash storage and Brocade networking eliminates planning and configuration burdens, virtually guarantees a successful deployment, and delivers on both IT and end-user requirements.”

The Brocade 6510 switches and Fabric Vision technology are sold by EMC under the EMC Connectrix® B-Series brand. Sixteen servers, simultaneously connected to the EMC storage and Brocade SAN fabric, were used for the testing, each configured with VMware Horizon View virtual desktops and the VMware vSphere server virtualization platform. A pair of Brocade VDX switches provided connectivity between the hosts and virtual desktops.

Using workload generation testing tools, the XtremIO array was able to generate more than 120,000 8K IOPS with an ultra-low 0.77 ms response time for application read/writes. Brocade Fabric Vision technology provided policy-based management to simplify monitoring, as well as automated management of storage network resources, which helped ensure that the required service levels were achieved for uncompromised application availability.

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