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Iden Trust solutions secure MEDNET’s e-health records

Iden Trust has been selected by MEDNET to provide IGC, PKI certificates which has been cross certified to the US Federal Bridge Authority for MEDNET’s her application. e-health-recordsIdenTrust will also manage MEDENT’s identity proofing for the issuance of all digital identities. IGC PKI certificates are approved by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) for EPCS compliance and are also compliant with the National Health Architecture guidelines for Directed Exchange.

MEDENT is rolling out the IdenTrust IGC PKI certificates to its New York state customers, who are required by New York Education Law Article 137 §6810 to issue all prescriptions for both controlled and non-controlled substances via electronic prescribing by March 27, 2015.  The IGC PKI certificates will also be made available to all MEDENT clients in the nine states it supports. Moving to a paperless process allows for the integration of a patient’s health and pharmacy records, minimizes the chance for medication errors, and helps protect against criminal activities such as forging or stealing prescriptions.

“Ultimately, what EPCS does is include eHR application owners, like MEDENT, in the workflow for delivering quality patient care,” said IdenTrust CEO Karen Wendel. “The magnitude of this cannot be understated. Our partnership with MEDENT is a natural extension of our shared commitment to securing eHR applications and the critical purpose they serve.”

Each individual IGC PKI certificate provides two-factor authentication for identity authentication and digital signing, as well as a certificate for encryption.

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