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Intel® Saffron™ AI

Artificial Intelligence is the buzzword of 2018, and Intel realized its potential back in 2015 when it acquired Saffron Technology in 2015 for an undisclosed price. Intel is of the belief that complimentary learning (a combination of cutting-edge AI approaches), can help your company increase uptime, reduce risk, stop over-maintenance of assets, and fix defects sooner. Using associative memory learning and reasoning, the Intel® Saffron™ AI Quality and Maintenance Decision Support Suite analyzes structured and unstructured text data sets to find hidden patterns, trends, and similarities. It helps human operators to make better-informed decision by analyzing surfaces insights from data in a transparent way and finding a fast path to issue resolution. Intel® Saffron™ AI learns from highly variable and even incomplete data, without the need for traditional learning models.


How the suite does it? By surfacing insights about previous issues like how issues were resolved, who resolved them, and what information was needed, without relying on statistical models that need to be trained. This leads to the organizations developing a faster time to issue resolution, boost in product quality, better maintenance planning, and supply chain optimization. The Intel Saffron AI software has received an immense positive response from Intel’s flagship customers like Accenture. What makes the technology stand out from its counterparts is its ability to dig into disparate data sources to surface customers’ best practices, providing them with the meaningful insights needed to resolve issues faster.

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