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In conversation with Sanjay Nare, Pre Sale Head, Zebra Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

What are the different sets of products solutions and services zebra technologies offering?

We deal in DCS, EMC, RFIO and printers AIT.

What is your go to market strategy?

Our go to market strategy globally is channel centric. We are a channel centric company, we do our distribution business and the channel centric company fulfil the customer requirement so we will be selling the hardware but my channel partner takes care of the after sales reports as well. So that is an additional thing to do plus some customization in the other application is taken care by the channels.

How many channel partners do you have in India?

We have 10000 channel partners and those are not our channel partners we like to call them as our business partners because they do the business for us and we do get a business from them. So like end customer they are also equally important for us in our system. If my partner don’t do a business or is lagging somewhere then it’s a hamper to my business so I have to make sure that my channel partner is equipped, trained and enabled with all my new products and my new technologies. The way we are vertically aligned and vertically enabled my channel partner should also be vertically enabled because he is the first point of contact for my end customer. His knowledge will put a picture of Zebra in-front of the customer. So that’s why if he talksabout the business the end customer will know we are in the right hand.

How is the data intelligence platform going to help you and your customers in a market like India?

Many companies have come up with the IOT platform & definitely it is good. Zebra was not into this business but we have come up with the IOT because we know the market where we are going to serve. If I just go back to my existing customers there are out of 10/100 who will always be ready to adopt the IOT technology, using censors, using devices, using gadgets, using performance edge device they need the data analytics. Like as I said, you always need a database and data analytics that particular users is styled. So customers are ready, even IOT adoption are taken in by some manufacturing industries as well. I will not reveal it right now because it is at a very initial stage but manufacturing industries are coming towards adopting the IOT technology. So I know for sure what they will require if they ask for the “X” I will definitely try to give them “X” plus. Apart from it there are other industries as well which we have never touched maybe say banking, finance which were never our cup of tea. Now there are censor technology or Bluetooth technology by using which we might be able to solve them as well. This will make us different from our peers or competition.

What kind of association you have with ISV partners and how do you manage and increase number of your ISV partners?

Like business partners or our hardware partners we have ISV strategy as well, we have     global ISV managerand then also have region wise ISV development managers. There main work is working only with the ISVs, so equally my business partners or channel partners or ISVs are of same importance to us in Zebra Technologies. There are also good programs for ISVs, like if they bring good deal, they will get certain percentage discount into their next order or some compensation. So like channel strategy, there is an ISV strategy as well.

What is your vision for 2019?

For 2019 we definitely want to do what we are doing currently. IOT is just a thought of it and we are trying to do something different in services business, and on that our vison is to go and start selling services so that we actually call ourselves within India that – we are an end to end solutions company.

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