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ISV Awards – Honouring The Change Agents

In the history of enterprise, never has Information technology played such a key role of a change agent for business, as it has over the past decade. In fact, it appears that the history of business over the last one hundred years has been crunched over the last ten years- ever since IT has come on board as an enabler.


While technology is always the smart choice, it is perhaps more often the talent of putting together the right tools that deserves mention and accolades. By itself, technology cannot help; it needs to be used prudently, judiciously and of course, innovatively. That is when it makes its mark, unrecognizably changing the business scenario- its focus as well as its delivery.

Techplus continued the honour of such initiatives and innovations in its third Indian ISV awards in February this year. The event, held in Ahmedabad on Feb 15th, saw immense interest from the industry. A large number of organisations were a part of the event while nominations for the award ran into almost 2000. In the award ceremony of Indian ISV Awards 2018 we presented 47 industry awards in the presence of 135 CEOs attendees as it was an exciting opportunity for recognition of innovative solutions in the ISV sector.

Award CategoryCompany Name
Big Data, IoT or Analytics Solution of the YearNational Bulk Handling Corporation
Government/Utilities Solution of the YearSchneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd.
Best Digital Payment Solution of the YearPine Labs Pvt. Ltd.
Software innovation Solution of the YearHari Om Tatsat Technologies
Software innovation Solution of the YeareMudhra Ltd.
Best M2M, IoT Solution of the yearTrackNOW Pvt. Ltd.
Next Generation Finance Management Solution of the YearTeleperformance DIBS
Next Generation Human resource Management solution of the yearSynergita
Enterprise Mobility Management Solution of the YearSAVIC Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Best ERP Solution of the YearSAVIC Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Best IT Consulting Partner of the YearDCDR Infra Pvt. Ltd.
Best IT Consulting Partner of the YearTechfruits Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Best GST solution of the YearCygnet Infotech
Government/Utilities Solution of the YearAASEYA IT SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED
Best M2M, IoT Solution of the yearHipla start-up of Future Netwings Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Editors Choice Awards for Digital domainMindwave Media Pvt. Ltd.
IOT CEO of the year – Dr. Rishi Mohan BhatnagarAeris Communications

On a single platform, the solutions providers’ community never saw anything like this before.

The awards were selected basis a simple matrix. “We have kept four enterprise size categories, to provide a level playing field to the nominations. Enterprises have filed their nominations under the  Large Enterprise category (above 1000 crores), Enterprise category (between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 crores) the SME category (Rs. up to 500 crores) and the startup category (for enterprises less than 2 years old),”Kalpana Singhal, the editor- in –chief of TechPlus media said.

“It’s like a digital transformation that is happening, today each and every business is changing. You talk about your customer, partner and OEM and this is a transformation journey for everybody. Five years ago, for customers, transformation meant moving to cloud.  But today, there are 3 disruptive forces that are driving transformation- Digitisation of work, resources and customers. Today instead of a B2C, it’s a C2B market and the challenges were about providing a unique differentiated service to each vertical. The level of customisation and what each client wants will be the key for success of ISVs in the new business paradigm,” she added.

The solutions that came up for the awards craft a clear path of newer technologies at play, as well as bigger, better business goals. Our observation is that innovations that add to the RoI have clearly reached a higher level in 2018.

We congratulate some of the best business solutions that have been identified for their forward-looking strategies and innovations, enabling their client enterprise to leverage cost-effective solutions to make their business future ready.

There was a  thought provoking presentation by Anuj Singhal, founder and CEO Techplus Media. In his presentation, Mr. Singhal pointed out that while ISV business has grown to multi million dollars across the globe, they are fast being trumped by the Software -as -a-Service model of doing business. “Figures foresee 40% reduction for the big 6 revenues,” he said, “and you are seeing 5X growth rate compared to traditional software companies. There is a major transformation happening. Many have a plan to handle the situation…even make it bigger.” He identified this transformation as a huge opportunity for ISVs,” Till yesterday, they were only making money on your software package, but today there is an opportunity to get it into the new ecosystem. Traditionally software companies make some money while rest of the eco system makes many times that amount- hardware, consultants etc.  Now there is a scope to get all of that onto your balance sheet if you show returns. The idea is – how do you transform successfully from an ISV to a SaaS service kind of vendor.  That’s a big challenge.”

“You need to identify the opportunity. Customers want you to make additional investment, be ready for their growth. You need to rejig your complete business plan; customer satisfaction involves multiple steps. Starting with basic hosting, there are several steps a company needs to take to become a truly SaaS model,” he sums up.

We hope this progression brings out some even more impressive innovation in the following year’s entries for ISV Awards 2019, as we bring you the winners of ISV Awards 2018.

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