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Multi-cloud will drive automation, AI and ML processing into high gear: Dell

Amit Mehta, Director, Modern Data Centre, Dell Technologies, got into a brief discussion with ITPV to highlight the changing cloud landscape with multi-cloud approach. He stressed on the importance of security and compliance with multi-cloud environments

How is multi-cloud changing the overall cloud landscape?

Amit Mehta, Director, Modern Data Centre, Dell Technologies

The increasing amount of data brought about by mobility, artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, along with traditional workloads, is driving demand for all types of clouds, including public, managed and on-premises. Based on IDC analysis, business agility and/or the need for speed from IT and improved security are the top most important trigger factors for considering cloud, in contrast to cost. The market is in need for more consistent and standardized automated cloud resources to enable developers and line-of-business to execute at speed and in a more cost-effective manner. Therefore, Indian organisations are aiming for a multi-cloud offering – where the same ease, simplicity, manageability, auto-provisioning and orchestration can be achieved at a lower cost.

Also, multi-cloud environments will drive automation, AI and ML processing into high gear because they give organizations the ability to manage, move and process data where and when they need to.  In fact, we’ll see more clouds pop up as data becomes increasingly distributed – at the edge in autonomous car environments or in smart factories, in cloud-native apps, in protected on-premise centers to meet a host of new compliance and privacy standards and of course, the public cloud for a variety of apps and services that we use every day.

What are the adoption trends for multi-cloud?

Most enterprises today are adopting a multi-cloud strategy to optimize performance and meet their business objectives. The demand for the multi-cloud management market is driven by many factors, such as the avoidance of vendor lock-ins, increased agility and automation, and the need for a high-level of governance and policies. With the increase in the adoption rate of cloud computing among enterprises, the multi-cloud management market is expected to gain a major traction. Majority of the companies and organizations have started focusing towards multi-cloud approach.

Regarding the multi-cloud adoption trends, organizations in India are increasingly demanding a simpler way to move workloads, applications and data, across cloud providers’ IaaS offerings. They have realized that it is not just about keeping your data on-premise, but a combination of both. In emerging countries like India, many channels tend to be more infrastructure-focused. Hence, there is a dire need for partners to move from being a pure infra selling company to transform themselves to address these new trends.

What are the best practices for multi-cloud security and compliance?

In a highly distributed and multiple-cloud world, the key is to have a consistent operating environment that is the same in both the cloud and on-premise. Such a single operating environment is a key part of the company’s overall cloud strategy. We are seeing a large shift of applications that were born in the cloud starting to be repatriated back. Customers really need to plan for not only a multi-cloud world but also a world where workloads are going to be dynamic, going on- and off-premises seamlessly and change over time. The most important benefit of having a consistent operating environment is that they are able to evaluate the application that is right for each cloud and then move it back and forth without having to change the operating environment.

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