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Top Machine Learning Startups to Watch – Part 4

Crunchbase today lists more than 8,705 startups and companies that rely on machine learning for their applications, products and services. According to Q4 2018 report by PwC/CB Insights MoneyTree, artificial intelligence-related firms raised $9.3B in 2018, an increase of 72 percent over 2017. And another study found that AI deals increased within a quarter from 104 to 116 deals. According to McKinsey, in marketing and sales, AI and machine learning have the potential to create an additional $2.6 T in value by 2020 and up to $2 T in planning the production and supply chain. Top start-ups offering machine learning services to watch this year:



People.ai is one of the most innovative and insightful startups in revenue management, helping sales, advertising and client success teams to uncover every customer’s income possibilities. Through real-time inclusion, their system captures all client contacts, activity, and commitment, then analyzes aggregated information using AI and machine learning. Using AI and machine learning to address one of the biggest problems facing CRM is a wonderful concept, which is getting enough information captured by customers and prospects over time to make sales choices of greater quality.

They also developed their own sales performance analytics, customized coaching, one-on-one feedback, and pipeline reviews to ensure stack-level independence. It is used by marketers in the businesses that embraced People.ai to fine-tune purchasing people and then plan to evaluate marketing campaigns. People.ai raised over seven rounds of financing totalling $100 million. They raised their recent financing from a Series C round led by ICONIQ Capital on May 21, 2019.


SymphonyRM focuses on AI and Machine Learning to assist break down the silos that make U.S. healthcare so costly and hard to cope with. The SRM Insights platform applies machine learning and predictive analysis across clinical and payer information silos to define Next Best Actions in a Provider’s market for each customer.

The SRM CRM platform drives action from this insight, allowing each member of the provider’s business to proactively handle digital and traditional touchpoints while focusing on the next best actions prescribed. SymphonyRM is supplied to Provider Marketing, Care Coordination, Call Center, and Physicist Teams as a monthly subscription-based managed service with no upfront expenses. The firm raised over 1 round a total of $10 million in financing. This was a round of Series A raised on May 16, 2019.


Following the achievement of original studies at the MIT Computer Science and Information Lab (CSAIL), the Tamr team started to develop a commercial-grade solution intended to address the challenge of linking and enriching various machine learning information on a scale. Today, using advanced analytics, including machine learning algorithms, TAMR can reduce the time required for data unification projects by 90%. Current customers are Amgen, GlaxoSmithKline, GE, HP, Roche, Toyota and others. Over five rounds, Tamr raised a total of $69.2 M in financing.

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