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We Command a Premium with Mix of our Consulting and Professional Services: Deloitte

Anoop Nambiar, Partner, Deloitte, got into a quick chat with Anuj Singhal to discuss its partnership with AWS and the value proposition that the partnership brings to the table. He highlights that technology and tools from AWS are well complementing its board-room presence, industry expertise and global experience with clients across sectors.

Please share a bit of synopsis around your relationship with AWS and the key highlights of 2018 from a global perspective?

Anoop Nambiar, Partner, Deloitte

Globally, we are one of the premier partners for AWS and run a highly successful joint go-to-market alliance with AWS. Our key markets globally are US, UK, Australia and APAC. Our global presence enables us to support our clients across the continents, which is further enhanced by our partnership with AWS. With our partnership with AWS, we are looking at aggressive growth in the coming years and we plan to add more countries into our eco-system; India is actually part of our expansion plans.

Please throw a bit of insight around your partnership with AWS from the Indian perspective?

We restarted our AWS partnership last year with all the internal agreements in place. India is quite unique as it offers a bouquet of clientele: global clients, Indian native clients, and Indian MNCs. Hence, we are coming up with a strategy which actually aligns to all the clients. We are operating very closely with AWS and are kicking up a lot of events and joint activities.

How are Deloitte and AWS complementing each other? Can you talk about few use cases in the Indian market?

Deloitte and AWS are jointly helping clients as AWS brings the technology, tools and capabilities and we bring the board-room presence, industry expertise as well as global experience in helping clients across sectors. We are helping clients in areas including getting on their cloud journey. In fact, the digital transformation era has made data, analytics and cloud quite crucial for businesses; we are experts in all these three areas. We present use cases in terms of how do you strategize and understand the ROI that kicks an organization on to the cloud journey. We help them migrate their application and data onto the cloud and the third use case would be around setting of analytics capabilities on cloud so that they can hit the ground running.

But services around data, analytics and cloud are offered by most of the service providers. How do you differentiate from the competition?

The value proposition that Deloitte brings in as a functional service provider is primarily our knowledge across the industries. At the end of the day, in this market technology is more or less democratic. However, with our presence in the Board-rooms as well as industry expertise, we have the ability to uniquely offer solutions customized for the respective industry. Besides, Deloitte is the largest premier consulting services firm. Hence, we command a premium in the market with a unique combination of consulting and professional services, which we are leveraging for our alliance as well.

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