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AZENT : An online-offline edtech start-up


Mr. Atul Nishar : I founded   Aptech Ltd in 1985 in computer education and Hexaware Technologies in 1990. Both became successful not just in India but became global enterprises and known across multiple countries. Now combining the knowledge of books education and software I along with my daughter Priyanka have set up this new venture in ed-tech called AZENT OVERSEAS EDUCATION Ltd, a public limited company with high standards of governance and ethics to help students build careers while going abroad to study & select University. We’re sending students to US Canada Australia and New Zealand UK, Ireland, Singapore and Germany.


Ms. Priyanka Nishar : I graduated from Cornell University with an engineering degree in computer science and then later on went to Harvard Business School where I got my MBA.


What’s the idea and objective behind this venture? 

Having been through the admissions process myself and having worked at NYU Stern Business School Admissions Committee I feel very strongly about bringing my experiences to help students who want to study overseas. Now there are over three hundred thousand students  every year who go from India to study all over the world and we see that in general these students are helped by unorganized players in the market.

So, we are creating a long term plan to help these students in a corporate way.

We are we’re building a company which is public Ltd, which has a lot of governance and compliance requirements to help students in an ethical way because this is also a social cause. This is education is such a big investment for students, for their families and we value it so high.


What is the ‘go to market strategy’ for AZENT?

We have online-offline model and the way that we use technology to revolutionize education space.

One: How does the technology make us different?

Now if you look on Google today and search for study abroad, there are over 900 million results that come up that’s a lot of information overall.

So, we have used technology, data science, data mining, to help our counsellors to have repository of information from where we can create intelligent shortlist.

Now, with our online offline model, we have counsellors and offline at the centres

who are also online available to you from our centre in Bangalore and they can help you from all over the country. So, our marketing and go to market strategy also matches that. It’s online through our digital campaigns and also offline where we go to colleges, conduct seminars and participate in festivals.


What type of centres available to the students?

Through online platforms, we can reach to students anywhere in India.

We would also have offline centres. We have already set up these four centres in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Thane that students can walk in and can experience university campuses in Virtual reality available in our centres.

We are ensuring that students get the same level of service from any part through online centres.


How AZENT will be helpful to students? 

When students come to us we will give them access to the best possible, most current possibly information and we can use technology to get them the feel of the campus through virtual reality. One can feel what the campus visit would be like, will be able to share that with the family because this is not just the student’s decision it’s a family decision and so we are committed to helping students reach their potential.

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