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Mazars India on their growth path | Haresh


Mazars is a global organization operating in 104 countries with more than 40000 people. We are end to end consulting advisory firm and also offer tech solutions and audit services. Incidentally, we are the 8th largest consulting firm globally.

What is your Go to market strategy in India?-

From our go-to market stand point , we are trying to enter into India with our advisory services.. We just started our advisory practice in India two months back. We are going to build a CoE for the global market in India. We are also going to cater to large clients in India which are more strategic in nature wherein we can bring value on the table. We are therefore more focused on becoming a value driven organization.

What are your Recent projects or IT implementation?-

We are just two months old in India but from an IT stand point we are more focused on our latest TRP on cloud basically. For our customers we have been implementing a lot of new age open legacy solutions. These solutions transform legacy infrastructure to digital seamlessly without code. We are also doing lot of automation work like Artificial intelligence and  helping customers on robotic processes.

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