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State of Digital Transformation in India | Sudhir Nayar | Cisco

Digital Transformation Scenario in India | Sudhir Nayar | Cisco


Sudhir Nayar is Managing Director for Commercial Sales for Cisco India & SAARC where he leads a high performing team to drive sales and increase adoption of Cisco’s products and solutions across the Commercial segment.

What is the customer base of Cisco?

In India we work with over 40,000 customers across industries like Banking, Finance, IT Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, retail and so on.

How Cisco is benefiting its customers in achieving business goals?

In this age we are moving towards the one trillion digital economy and all our customers are trying to do new business innovations and trying to reach new segments and enhance the experience of transacting and working with their customers. And that’s really where Cisco comes in to provide them a secured modern infrastructure. It also meets most of their regular needs by putting more and more automation and simplifying the way IT services are delivered to their customers.

What is Cisco’s GTM strategy in India?

Our predominant go to market strategy is through our partners. We have over 10000 partners and they are present in 100 cities in India. We work very closely with them to enable them and to also keep them completely updated so that whenever our customer needs the product and services these partners are around.

What is the proportion of customers opting for Digital Transformation? What is the stage of Digital Transformation that they stand at?

We need to first understand what is Digital Transformation. To our mind Digital Transformation is about enhancing your customers experience by optimizing the way you’re delivering your service or opening up new markets. To our mind every customer is in varied degrees of these transformation.We just conducted a whole survey where it was clear that if we take a digitization index from zero to twenty, India is at around 10.5. That means we have a lot of way to go and a number of customers have just begun on this journey while some of them are in an advanced stage.

What are the customer segments which are the largest adopters of digital transformation in India?

We actually did a whole survey and there were two or three industries who have started adopting Digital Transformation. The Telecom industry, the banking and finance industry and the ITS industry are the early adopters of digitization.

What is the adoption among e SMB customers?

We have 63 million SMBs in India. Out of which less than 15% has gone for any level of IT adoption. So we have a long way to go in actually communicating to the rest about what are the advantages of digital transformation and more importantly how can they start their journey.




How are you competing against the other players? Are you collaborating with them on certain project opportunities?

In today’s world everyone is a competition and also a collaboration. As far as Cisco is concerned we invest billions of dollars every year to continue to invest into automating the network, providing end to end security, providing a complete data center and most importantly giving enterprises tools on collaboration so that their employees can come and collaborate. S.

Why do Digital Transformation projects fail?

As per a number of the surveys and reports that are available, most Digital Transformation projects do not come up to the mark because they have not really defined the benchmarks of what they want to achieve and how they want to achieve. They have not properly resourced the teams when they have done that. It is important to set the right expectations right through your organization because this will involve culture, process and peopleand then putting the right people, resources and technology behind it. That’s the reason why most of the Digital Transformation don’t meet up to the mark what they start their journey.

What are the challenges you see in the Digital Transformation scenario in India?

First is just defining and getting everyone in your organization on board about what are you trying to solve. It is important to know what is the problem that you’re trying to sell internally which is going to help your organization and also help your customers. Having both the right technologies and the right culture of transformation is important.

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