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Qualitykiosk on their recent project with the UAE government | Amit Bhasin


About Qualitykiosk-

Qualitykiosk Technology is a two decade all organization, we have about 2000 performance and digital engineering consultants who essentially work with some of the largest banks in the country in Middle East, Telecom as well as automobile manufacturers. We take ownership of their digital application life cycle right from preproduction to production. Once the production is rolled out how is the customer getting impacted with the application on an Android, iOS or an web platform. We cover the value chain of an application lifecycle and the digital journey and manage that for our clients.

What are your go-to-market strategy?

For us we typically are very keenly associated with complex digital application environment. We are more natural partners for our clients who are into banking, financial services, fintech, insurance, the largest TELCOs in India work with us- Vodafone and Jio. Our GTM is predicted by the complex digital application environment that the clients have and their looking for very clear outcome ownership based answers and that’s how we approach that.

What are your recent projects/implementation?

We recently worked with the largest e-commerce player in the world- Amazon and ICICI Bank. Where they were launching joint product within a months time and they needed a continuous analytics pipeline which could essentially tell them about the operational intelligence of how the customer is getting acquired for the product but also about the business intelligence- what are the customer journeys that are not getting completed, what are the customer experiences that we can highlight and inform them about. We are currently working with the Dubai Government which is setting up a global payments gateway in that region in UAE. We are closely working with the ministry of Finance to roll out the digital payments application across the entire region. We are working alongside IBM, that’s why it a very exciting part of our journey right now. Customers expect three kinds of outcomes from Qualitykiosk. One is, ensure the digital quality assurance of their application which are serving either a B2C client environment or a B2B. The other is, they’d like to improve the application lifecycle for which we do a lot of data analytics based on supervising machine learning, algorithms and AI.

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