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Rishit Shah | CPO | 7 Park Data.Inc


About 7park data-

7Park data is a machine learning and AI platform. We basically do two things, firstly we commercialize data. We essentially buy and license data from other companies, we create our own research and then we sell those research into different verticals. For eg- We sell research into asset management and investment management and help people make their investment decisions. Secondly, we help our customers with their data strategy and used and unlock the value of their own data by structuring and normalizing it. Over the years we have built a very strong machine learning data platform to normalize and structure messy raw data.

What are your go-to-market strategy?

Our go-to-market basically reflects few different tactics. We have our own sales people who go into variety of industries and sell research. We also work with a lot of channel partners who take our products and resell them. In certain verticals where we have recent domain expertise, we have our own sales people and in verticals where we are expanding and creating new footprint we rely on our channel partners to sell and commercialize our products.

What are your products and solutions?

We work with a lot of mutual funds and hedge funds. We basically provide our research to them. Some of the recent work that we have done is around Amazon and Netflix. We have a phenomenal expertise in understanding what is the growth of Netflix subscribers in the world especially in India. How does that compare with Amazon Prime’s growth and how are new web platforms like Hotstar, AltBalaji giving competition to Netflix and Amazon in India. And we provide all of that research into our people who are investing into those companies as well as people who are trying to understand the comparative benchmark. How are your products and solutions benefiting your customers? We basically help them with unlocking the value of their own data as well as we provide them with our own research that helps then with better decision making. We are helping them in two ways by complementing them with research that they can use for better business outcomes, we also give them tools and product that they can use to unlock the value of their own data.

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