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Listen, Evaluate and Act – Konnect Insights

Listen, Evaluate and Act – Konnect Insights
The analytical social listening tool Konnect Insights is helping businesses track public perceptions online.

A large auto manufacturer from Pune was suddenly witnessing dwindling sales over two quarters. Worried and initially unable to fathom the actual cause, the auto giant started tracking reactions from existing and potential customers. And soon it was able to garner enough information that allowed it to undertake remedial recourses Cut to an agency handling operations of an electronic appliances player. A 50% drop in market share over a quarter was a matter of severe concern to both the vendor and the agency. Again, an effective mechanism to track social media conversations about the company helped the appliances vendor to regain lost grounds. What proved to be the effective mechanism in both cases was Konnect Insights, India’s leading social listening and analytics platform.

This social listening and analytics software tool from Konnect Insights allows businesses to measure public perception online. The search engines from Konnect Insights crawl over90 million online sources including blogs, forums, news, reviews and social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram, Google Business reviews and many more.

The extensive coverage of Konnect Insights ensures that no brand misses out on any conversation. While this would be beneficial for its business, no meaningful advantage can be gained without applying relevant analytics. Konnect Insights offers businesses integrated analytics including social listening, hashtag analysis and analytics of Digital assets on various social platforms social CRM and workflow features. With the in-built BI tools the analytics is at a different level compared to other tools.

Automated Sentiment analysis is one USP of Konnect Insights whereby it often scores over other competing social media analytics tools. Available in a host of languages including English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Chinese, Arabic, German and Spanish among others, the use of various algorithms and NLP has helped in finetuning the accuracy of sentiment analysis.

Konnect Insights offers differential pricing for four different packages targeted at specific business groups.

• Standard plan: Ideally suited for 1 brand and up to 4 competitors.
• Standard Plus: Ideally suited for a brand with multiple products and many competitors.
• Market Research Plan: Ideally suited for market research where there is a requirement to study an event like an election or industry analysis for a particular sector.
• Customised plans – Depending on the needs of the brands

“Konnect Insights is a SaaS product. The social CRM and workflow features of Konnect Insights help clients resolve issues without having to set up a large customer care team of their own, “ informed Palash Goorha Business Head, Client Acquisition Konnect Insights. Konnect Insights has brands from various verticals such as auto, telecom, BFSI, IT, pharma, entertainment . Marquee customers include MG Motors, Mcdonalds India(Hardcastle Restaurants), Mother Dairy, MotilalOswal, Mahindra Electric, DHFL, VLCC as well as agencies like DentsuWebchutney, Madison World, Edelman and Publicis. No wonder, therefore that Konnect Insights has been clocking high double digit growth over the last few years.

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