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Importance of performing a CCTV Audit: COM | SUR Gautam Goradia, Founder and CEO at Hayagriva Software Pvt. Ltd.

Importance of performing a CCTV Audit: COM – SUR


  • What are the products and services offered by Hayagriva Software?

Let me talk about the product that we have been working on for the past six years. We built the world’s only CCTV video footage, auditing software that helps users to audit that CCTV video feeds as a standard operating procedure. We believe that video is not being used optimally because of which people do not get optimal value from CCTV surveillance. And we have solved that problem.

The  second thing the software does is that it creates very convenient disaster recovery tool. So even if your recorder is stolen, you will never lose your data. Plus, it reduces the data saves from terabytes to gigabytes. And the third missing piece, as we like to call it, is standardization of reporting and makes it very easy for people to create reports of incidents and audit findings in PowerPoint.

Gautam Goradia, Founder and CEO at Hayagriva Software Pvt. Ltd.


  • What would be the USP of COM-SUR?

CCTV today has kind of become fit and forget and people look at CCTV only when something goes wrong. Now, I have a fundamental problem with that because of two reasons. One is how do you know something never went wrong? So, things that were never reported or underreported would never be discovered.

With auditing as a standard operating procedure, you begin to discover the unknown. We make the auditing process very easy. We reduce the amount of data somebody has to parse through without missing a single frame. In effect, I could say that using our software with existing cameras, one could go to 24 hours of footage of multiple cameras in as little as 24 minutes in a day. Once you begin to audit regularly and you start discovering things that are not right, it makes it easy for you to take corrective and preventive action.


  • What are the benefits customers received from COM-SUR?

We are making it easy for people to take all these rich visual information which otherwise gets wasted because nobody is looking at it. We are helping people to gain actionable intelligence. Now, we can help people do that manually and using AI ML and deep learning. It depends on what the customer wants. Customers will start getting value from video, from CCTV video, optimal value. Once you are auditing and  taking steps to plug the loopholes, you will be able to prevent crime. You will be able to prevent fraud, discover issues related to health and safety, compliance and operational efficiency and risk mitigation. There can be innumerable benefits from the same camera, whether you are a CEO who is concerned about protection or a CFO who is concerned about = reducing his insurancecosts or a CTO who wants to reduce his data size. The same software is going to benefit different stakeholders.


  • What are the targeted verticals and which are marquee customers?

A to Z from an airport to a zoo. Wherever, there is a camera, there is a need for our software. This has been a six year effort. As I said, over these years we have eye trading with thousands and thousands of people. The software has just been commercially released. We have been at it for about three, four years. But now it is a very robust software. We’ve got some great customers from top I.T. companies, defence forces, police forces, large commercial organisations, andand even one company that is a global manufacturer of CCTV cameras. So, in spite of the fact that they manufacture CCTV cameras at one of their own factories, they bought our software sitting on top of their video management system.


  • What is the go to market of COM-SUR?

The GTM is very hybrid. Basically, we would like to go through channel partners or system integrators. That’s the first model.  The second would be to develop relationships and develop strategic relationships with camera companies, video management system companies or even PC companies, because we see this business of auditing as creating new job opportunities. We want to create a new profession of CCTV video footage auditors. Now, if people start auditing they will need these auditing services, and they will hire CCTV video for the auditors. People can start new businesses and give services of CCTV footage, auditing, using our software.


  • What are the key focus areas and initiatives in your business roadmap for next 24 months?

We need to ensure that policymakers begin to realize the power of video and crowdsourced surveillance. There is no country in the world that can, on its own, cover the entire country by cameras. They cannot spend for it and even if they spend for it, who’s going to look at all that video? The answer to that is decentralised surveillance. If each person, each user where there is a home user, whether it’s a business it’s his or her own CCTV feed, has a standard operating procedure. We all become part of what is called crowd for surveillance and who knows, they may just be somebody who might go observe something suspicious that might just during the next terror attack.

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