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Avaali Drives Process Transformation for Large Enterprises

Srividya Kannan, Founder – Avaali Solutions talks how her company helps large enterprises with their processes and the business model and GTM strategy she follows.


What according to you has been the USP of Avaali Solutions amongst large enterprises?

Avaali works with large enterprises to drive process agility, governance and visibility via automating the unstructured content and workflows in every process.  The fact remains that though large enterprises spend a lot of dollars on transactional systems, they still have 80% of their processes handled manually.  Business users must deal with a lot of documents in various formats (both in physical and electronic) and workflow/ approvals/exceptions are via emails and typically manual in nature. The sheer opportunity and possibilities that this presents to add value to customers was exciting. We continue to stay niche and have executed over 120+ projects in this space across Asia, Africa and Middle East.

How does Velocious drive process transformation for enterprises?

Velocious framework uses multiple technologies to drive process transformation for clients at a faster pace, more accurately, and at lower cost. Velocious can integrate with legacy platforms and contributes to a lot of their expansion. Velocious sits on top of their existing landscape, leverages what the organisation has already invested in and adds to it, to drive process transformation.

What are the horizontal solutions and services offered by Avaali for large enterprises?

Avaali works with large enterprises to help them accelerate their cycle time to operational and customer facing processes. We offer consulting services to help them do more with the technologies they have already invested in, while also leveraging emerging technologies to increase process agility and reduce costs. We leverage a confluence of technologies like AI Chabot, RPA, OCR and information management solutions to drive process transformation.

With Velocious, we have a set of solutions for supplier collaboration (supplier portal), logistics and shipment tracking and have add-on solutions for automating processes like master data or payment approvals. With our shared service capabilities, we support enterprises set up shared service centres and automate processes in the Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, HR and Record to Report processes.

What are the business and operating models followed by Avvali Solutions with your large enterprise customers?

We offer both consulting engagements and end to end offerings for our clients. We focus on business processes, to determine what outcomes could be achieved by eliminating redundancies and challenges in operational processes. Our engagements are very focused in the form of a quick two to a maximum of eight weeks to help our customers with a blueprint that not only lays down the to-be process but also helps define the various routes to achieve the desired state by leveraging the technologies that have already invested in, and what additionally they could leverage.

We have deep skills across various technologies. We are therefore able to walk the talk and deliver the desired outcomes for our customers in the form of technology implementations and support. We actively work with our customers on change management to help them navigate the change quickly and maximize returns from their investments.

We work actively with functional process owners, the CFO organization and shared services head in addition to the CDO and CIO organization.

Which are the geographies you are currently operating in and who are some of your marquee clients across geographies?

We operate actively in Middle East, South East Asia and Africa apart from India. We have now expanded our base to Nordics and have our first few marquee customers from Denmark. Our target segment is large enterprises (typically greater than about $300mn in revenue).

We have executed over 120+ projects for companies like Bidco Africa, Unga Holdings (Africa), Kalpataru Power Transmission, ReNew Power and Vedanta.

What is your GTM strategy for reaching out to customers with your framework?

We have direct sales as well as an inside sales organization to work with customers. In addition, we engage with customers via numerous webinars to cover various topics on emerging technologies. We have a publication called Illuminar. This has seen over 5+ years of monthly editions. We cover content on various digital transformation topics for various B2B audiences and business leaders globally. We receive various enquiries via these channels. In addition, we also have GTM partners in several countries as well.

What is the structure of your internal workforce? What initiatives you have undertaken to carry on the operations during the current COVID19 crisis situation?

We have a delivery team where competencies and delivery capability is built. We also have development, presales and sales teams in addition to finance and HR.

We have got some offerings that are very relevant for customers in this situation where they may not have access to infrastructure like in the office. Take the case of invoice processing for the accounts payable teams. In the current crises, the Asia Pacific teams have been working hard to ensure that scanners are transported to their homes with then physically ensuring that invoices are handed over to them as well. This could be fraught with risks including loss of invoices. With Velocious supplier portal, suppliers submit invoices online which are then directly OCR’d and processed. This ensures a low touch processing. We are focusing on selling these kinds of solutionsas opposed to some other’ nice to have’ solutions. We are also focusing on innovations and delivering new offerings for customers which will see immense interest once we start to come out of this crisis.

What are going to be your key focus areas in the coming 18-24 hours?

Especially in light of the current situation Avaali Solutions will continue to focus on year end closures and planning for the immediate quarter. We are growing our client base in all of India, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa. We are also investing in some solution builds that will add significant value to our customers. We will continue to stay invested in serving our customers well with meaningful solutions that significantly improve the way they work.

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