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More focus on clients and serving them directly are Webiflu differentiators

Tirthak Patel.Founder & CEO, Webiflu explains his business model, USPs over competitors and new solutions on the anvil

• Tell us more about Webiflu, its services what makes them unique?

Webiflu is a service based startup where we are actually helping other startups, businesses and other individuals to grow more by providing them with specific kind of services like logo designing, branding, marketing, sales, technology among others. The objective is that they need not to wander around from one place to another for these all kind of services but can get all these at a single place.

• What are the benefits for your customers from Webiflu?

It actually saves time. They need not wander around from one place to the other for these kinds of services. If they are going for the freelancing platform, what it does is they have to sort out from lots of portfolios and then they need to cover up one particular person, and then get the work done. But here at Webiflu, what they are getting is whatever the service they need, they just need to come to us and ask for that particular service and they will get it at the place. They can directly focus on that idea innovation and revenue generation process rather than to focus on these types of assets. So we actually help them directly grow more by providing these services.

•What is the go-to-market strategy of Webiflu?

We actually directly do B2B services. We market our products through our online portal and generally we also do online marketing.

• How do you differentiate your organization against your competitors?

There are a lot of IT firms and other companies who do these kinds of similar services. But our uniqueness is something like we actually serve only two to three clients a month. And the other benefit, which we provide is each and every service is done by our employees only. There are no other company associated with us who do all the services or we are not partnered with other branches and so we do not share the work done.

• What are the key focus areas and initiatives planned in Webiflu’s business roadmap for next 18-24 months?

For the next 18 to 24 months, we are focusing on to bring up some new technologies like voice based application like Google Assistant and Alexa. We are building some voice based applications so that the businesses and all these startups can get some benefit by using those. Along with that, we are also bringing up some blockchain type of services so that Internet security can be more enhanced.


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