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Barco Focusing on Outcome-Based Marketing Approach

Vijayant Khattry, Head of Marketing, BARCO India provides insights on the company’s marketing strategy, branding evolution, channel structure, deployment use cases and even on the COVID19 impact.


What are the solutions and services in the BARCO portfolio currently available in India?


In India, we target three major verticals with our solutions and services – Enterprise, Entertainment and Healthcare. We have an extensive product line, with highly customised visualisation solutions, across these segments.



Barco’s entertainment solutions are deployed in cinemas, concert halls, museums, theme parks, music festivals and corporate events  We provide our customers with the most advanced projectors, LED displays and image processing solutions, which help them capture fans rather than audiences. Our increasing focus on convenience and services further helps them build that fan base and grow their businesses.



Every Barco Enterprise solution is designed to help people collaborate well together by ensuring engaging experiences. Our large video walls provide operators with a crystal-clear overview and help them in accurate decision making in emergency response, disaster management, power & utilities among others. This incidentally provides insight for 1 out of 4 smart cities in the world. We also have our ClickShare presentation system classroom solutions which. These are now available in approximately 750K meeting rooms around the world and continue to grow in double digits.



Barco co-creates technology solutions for integrated care and guides 5000 surgical procedures and millions of softcopy image reads each day. We provide medical staff with one of the complete and most accurate pictures from the imaging room to radiology, during specialist consultations and the surgical suite. Thereby we enable more informed decisions, when and where it matters most. Healthcare providers often rely on our medical imaging solutions to deliver the complete picture they need to make life-critical decisions and provide the best possible treatment.


How important is India as a market in terms of BARCO’s global marketing focus?


India is a key market for us, and we have been seeing double-digit growth here over the last few years. Barco has always believed in enabling bright outcomes for customers with its innovative, country-specific solutions. Globally, India is one of the top markets for us and the second biggest market, in terms of business functions, after Belgium.


Considering the important role India has in our global marketing focus, we have adopted an ‘In Country for Country’ approach, creating products with India-specific pricing, and go-to-market alignment fitting the needs of the customer. For the same, we have been leveraging local manufacturing, design, development, and commercial abilities, helping us capture promising opportunities in the Indian economy. We are focused on helping government and private sector customers accelerate their digital transformation journey with our enterprise-grade products and solutions.


Barco also has 15% of its global workforce in India engaged in sales, manufacturing, software, hardware development and R&D.

Then precisely, what is BARCO’s GTM strategy both globally and in India?


Most of our competitors focus a lot on product and technology in their messaging and brand positioning. The Barco brand, on the other hand, has evolved (and is still evolving) towards an “outcomes” approach. We focus on the customer and their interaction with our offering, on how we make our partners and end customers successful by providing them with the best possible product offering, combined with services and new business models.


So far, the reactions of the external audience, on this outcome-based approach, have been really positive. They recognize the alignment within the company due to this congruent approach across all our messaging. We like to believe that this differentiating approach will pay off if consistently used. At Barco, the customer is of prime importance and we follow this as a genuine approach and not a simple go-to-market tactic.


We have identified a blue ocean in terms of brand message, where we focus on the outcome for our customers instead of product features or technology perspectives. This will help bring the message home that Barco is there for its partners and customers. We will make them successful by providing insights in technology and market trends, offering state-of-the-art products and completing the package with services.


In simpler words, the change that we made, by putting the customer first, instead of just promoting our offerings, needs to make an impactful difference.


What are BARCO’s key b2b marketing initiatives and collaborations in the Indian market?


At Barco, we believe in an outcome-oriented approach and work towards aligning our marketing initiatives with the organisation’s philosophy. Integrity and a customer-first approach form the core of Barco’s ethos and our strategies are aimed at enabling bright outcomes and services for our consumers. Over the last few years, Barco has evolved from being a tech ‘specs’ vendor to a partner that provides assured results to consumers.


For the Indian market, we are leveraging our key global collaboration with Logitech, combining our wireless conferencing solution ClickShare Conference with Logitech Video Collaboration products. The new, all-in-one solutions provide organizations with great conferencing experiences in any workspace from huddle rooms to large meeting rooms.


We follow a 360-degree marketing strategy in India, largely leveraging the entertainment and enterprise space for marketing. For Barco, digital media is the key enabler and we undertake several digital demand-generation initiatives. We rely upon social media heavily, using a wide range of platforms to identify and reach out to the right consumers. Barco is strongly focused on nurturing and ensuring a 360-degree customer journey.


Another key marketing initiative we follow involves robust channel enablement and extensive partner training programs. We undertake regular training sessions for our distributors and sub-distributors or re-sellers to ensure consistent messaging across segments and maintain a fair and balanced roll-out of products to avoid infringement between partners.


Barco is also adopting the novel Account Based Marketing strategy boldly. We leveraged the technique successfully last year and plan to expand our base and look at larger accounts in 2020. We are building a major campaign across the country and aim to reach top enterprise accounts with our solutions.


Barco’s initiatives also focus on the ‘Care for People’ principle and we have created a not-for-profit platform named Voices of a Brighter Future (VBF).This platform aims to celebrate and cherish stories of Barco team members who are adding new dimensions to life, people, community and the planet by transforming their futures. Barco has curated these stories from the various aspects of our employees’ lives and these narratives forward our vision of “Enabling bright outcomes.” We are now ideating on how the campaign can be made bigger than Barco by opening it to customers and the general public.


We also leverage Public Relations initiatives to increase our share of voice and ensure that end consumers are aware of our innovative technology and solutions.


How is BARCO’s partner ecosystem structured in India?


Barco is a B2B organization and our focus is, fundamentally, on collaborating with system integrators, specialists and VARs for the Healthcare, Enterprise and Cinema verticals. For our innovative collaboration offering ClickShare, we have a system of more than 200 channel partners who are targeted through our distributors such as Ceeco Technologies, Trustech, Supertron and Online Instruments.


For projectors, we collaborate with our importer/stock & sell partners Visual Display Solutions and Supertron Electronics along with few authorized System Integrator partners to whom we sell directly.


Currently, we are expanding our channel base and have chosen Online Instruments as the channel partner for the education segment and VDSPL for the ProAV sector.


Our partner ecosystems are structured in a way that guarantees that our clients are aware of our numerous solutions and services. It also ensures quick and reliable after-sales service for our end consumers.


What was BARCO’s performance in the previous fiscal in entertainment, Clickshare, Control Rooms and healthcare globally and in India?


Globally, in 2019, entertainment contributed 42%, enterprise contributed 33% and healthcare contributed 25% to our sales. In India we have the leading market share in entertainment. On the medical imaging side, we have lot of catch up to do because the biggest challenge in India today is lack of infrastructure.


Which are some of BARCO’s significant use cases for video wall installations?


In India our focus is around smart cities, cinemas, corporate and healthcare. Aditya Birla Group is using ClickShare (which enables users to share content simultaneously). At Akshardham in Delhi  the video storytelling sessions in the evening are on our systems. Delhi Airport, UP Police, PVRs, INOX, hospital chains and many others are using our video and imaging solutions.

In UP there’s a large command and control center in Lucknow which has over 170 screens where you get live feeds form over 16,000 cameras which could help in monitoring traffic, accidents, monitor thefts and so on. All major cities need command and control centers today. In smart cities the first thing is a command and control room. Airtel uses Barco equipment at its Manesar center. Even Patanjali has a control room with video walls to track truck movements. We will tap every opportunity where a command and control center is needed.

What are the measures currently undertaken to continue business during COVID19 outbreak?


The outbreak of COVID-19 is affecting businesses globally. Barco – like many other companies – will not be immune but emphasizes the transitory nature of the recent disruptions and remains confident in the underlying strength of its markets and value proposition. Conditions vary depending on the region and Barco’s COVID-19 response team is reviewing the situation site by site, with the objective to ensure maximum feasible business continuity, including appropriate continued production and delivery to customers. We continue to implement measures to safeguard the well-being of our employees, while rebalancing the activity rate of the workforce with the market demand, and compliance to applicable regulations.


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