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Netgear targets premium wi-fi customers in India

Manab Mallick, Technical Head, Netgear outlines the products in India and its positioning amongst premium customers and gamers.

What are the networking products under the Netgear portfolio available in the India market?

We basically deal in different customer segments. One is the home customers and the other is the SMB customers. For the home segment, we basically deal with Wi-Fi and routers and for the business segment we deal with campus wide wireless solutions, POE and non-POE switches, data switches. We also have storage solution where you can scale up to 1 petabyte without storage. To manage all these we have a cloud solution as well which you can utilise to manage all these Netgear products and manage remotely any network as long as the Internet connectivity is there.

What is Netgear’s channel structure in India?

Basically for the SMB product line, we have our distributors importing the products to the markets and those are then billed to the sub distributors. We have system integrators with us as well lined up who time and again work with us on projects. They buy directly from the distributors or from the VARs or the sub distributors depending upon the size of the project.

What sort of traction does Netgear enjoy in the Wi-Fi router space? What is your marketshare in the Wi-fi router space?

We are in a space where we target the premium customers, where these customers are looking for the value adds. The volume of the Wi-Fi market is quite huge and we came out of that market 3 years back. It was a conscious decision from the management that we cannot deal in a space where you have volumes but you do not have any value additions. Now where we play is a premium section, where a customer has more than a 1000 square feet kind of a house and it can go till 5000 or 10000 square feet, where we can give good value add solutions based on our best Wi-Fi. We also add value add to our services like we provide parental control using Disney circle. W also have tied up with Bitdefender which secures every single mobile or computer that is there in the home network. So we are just not a router seller, we are a solution provider where a customer whenever buys a Netgear product should feel proud that he has got one of the premium brands that does not just mean a box but also adds value to the box.

How are Netgear products geared to address the increasing gaming and video streaming market in India?

If you are talking about the gamers, they require very high speed network because even a few microseconds is kind of a delay that can result in a loss of game. And your playing environment is where your opponent is not sitting right next to you but sitting somewhere in any other country maybe because you are playing online game. We address this kind of a problem by specifically launching gaming routers which have very high speed within the network and do not have latency. You also do geo filtering or geo tagging features within the game which help the gamers to be in league with their competitors. We are seeing it catching up very fast.

What are Netgear’s R&D facilities available in India?

We have R&D setup in Bangalore which we call as Bangalore Engineering Centre. The top management for Netgear sales team is also based out of the same office in Bangalore. We manufacture the software or reprogram the software for all our Wi-Fi products based out of the Bangalore office. We also provide the cloud-based software from the same R&D office based out of Bangalore.

What are your geographical expansion plans in India?

Currently we are very strong in the A class and the B class cities and our plan in the future would be to expand to the C, D and E classes. That is the reason why we are participating in different shows where we see a lot of footfall of small town system integrators. They know well about the Netgear products and solutions but are unable to reach through to the right company representatives. We are quite enthusiastic and definitely believe this is going to work for us.

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