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Tenda is like a wireless service provider for India

John D, Director of India & SAARC, Tenda India advises all brands to work together to improve Internet connection in India


What are the networking products under the Tenda portfolio available in the India market?


The India market is very big for Tenda business. We have launched some passive products like cables, cords and some platforms also. Our active product portfolio includes the routers, access points, switches. For = security and surveillance, we also have the cameras and 4G routers. For the SMBs we have products like the enterprise routers and access points.

What positioning would you give to Tenda in the India market?


In Indian market actually I would like to say Tenda is kind of a wireless service provider. Maybe you can purchase the hardware in the market, like you can go to some shop to buy Tenda router hardware but actually we are also a very strong service. Like as a company we provide years of warranty and we also provide 24*7 service for everyone. You can also order the product online as well. We provide a separate motto for the online business like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal because our partners mostly sell offline products and we do not want to ruin their business. .


What are the specific GTM strategies followed for each section?


At Tenda we not only sell the product but we also offer many schemes to our end users as well as to our partners. Like a few months ago when the air pollution was too high, Tenda gave masks to all users– if they purchased one Tenda router, they got one mask free. With that Tenda mask they could walk outside freely without the risk of pollution. For partners, we provided Las Vegas tour as a Gold scheme to add to the volume of the product.


What is the balance between offline and online selling channels?


We have separated the motto ofor the twp. lso for online business we are selling different products. So, offline business does not influence the online business and vice versa.

What is Tenda’s channel structure in India and how do you motivate your India channel partners?


We provide so many schemes and also some festival special discounts to them to motivate them. We celebrate our partnership and every time we have a different project all our sales team including me would go to the Pan India partner office to give some cake or birthday celebrations and throw some small parties.


Do you think there is competition from local or other brands? How do you strategize to fight it?


I don’t think this kind of competition exists. I Want Tenda to help the Internet connection in India. In this process, I do not want to be an enemy to our other competitors. Actually we all are partners and all the brands should work together to put a better Indian Internet connection.



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