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Jiten Mehta, Chairman, ASIRT

So we started this consortium concept one and half year back where we created a set of around 20 people per consortium and we asked them to meet month on month regularly and try and create a single company among themselves and market as one company or one entity for all the expertise they have got. While we created a consortium, we had a different skill set put in each consortium. It’s not that there is a same skill available within the two partners. So that is how it has been functioning very well and today if you see the consortium business itself is more than 300-500 crores.

What is your vision for 2020?


Our vision is clearly to partner, progress and evolve. We would like to partner with each and every community like each and every IT community in Bombay and we would like to progress along with them.


What is your target demographic?


Yes, we would like to spread across pan India, but in terms of collaboration and not in terms of starting the chapter. No, we’re expecting it to reach to every market or every customer who buys PC. Be it a solo customer or be it a consumer or bet it a B2B. Every customer we would like to meet and deal. So if I’m sitting in Bombay and I need to execute an order in Guwahati, I should be able to do that. That is the whole aim for this association collaboration.


How do you differentiate yourself from your peers?


We run a program called ASIRT Gold member. We call it in short as NIGM where today no association in India is putting the neck in front of customer. Then if my member is not able to satisfy you there are two hundred more members where we will involve one of them, and we’ll make sure that we satisfy through some or other members, which is a biggest Y factor we have got. And second Y factor is our inner circle. Today you show me one it business association who is running a inner circle so successfully where all spouses are a member and they are doing their own business among themselves, which is another Y factor and I am sure we found it a USP for us.


What is ASIRT Gold membership? How does it work?


ASIRT Gold member is we have designed certain standard of services or certain level of skill set. Like we will not do Pirated software or we will not do a counterfeit product. We will make sure that service is SLA and whatever is committed has been fulfilled. So at the end of the day we make every member sign the self-certification bond that we will adhere to this terms and condition, and then they can use this Gold member logo across their visiting card, across their letterhead, across their envelope or in every sheet. We have a collateral which they can even put  in their office reception. This is how we are promoting where we are putting our neck into that. If partner fails in delivering these commitments association is there behind him to make sure that he is successful.

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