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SonicWall Advances Network Edge Security, Adds Multi-gigabit Switch Series, Easy-to-Manage SD-Branch Capabilities

  • New SD-Branch solution delivers proven security, connectivity and management to dispersed organizations with growing branch locations
  • New multi-gigabit switches expedite deployment time, management for remote and branch locations
  • Single-pane-of-glass management simplifies security for distributed enterprises, including education and retail environments
  • Advanced endpoint protection updates enable advanced control, content management

Distributed organizations are continuously challenged with administering necessary security measures to thwart escalating cyberattacks to protect workforces outside of the protection of traditional networks. To simplify security deployment, management and visibility for organizations with growing branch footprints, SonicWall unveils new secure SD-Branch capabilities, and a complete line of new multi-gigabit switches, to cost-effectively scale and manage remote or branch locations.

“Business success often coincides with expansion, leading to an increased need for visibility, security and bandwidth across a distributed organization,” said SonicWall President and CEO Bill Conner. “As the world begins to re-open its doors, organizations must re-architect for the ‘new business normal,’ which includes implementing cost-effective, software-defined networking and security principles across the business.”


SD-Branch Critical Technology as Organizations Re-Architect for New Business Normal

To simplify the management needs associated with distributed locations, campuses and branch offices, new SonicWall secure SD-Branch capabilities deliver single-pane-of-glass management across LAN, WAN and security controls.

Complementary Zero-Touch Deployment capabilities help address the shortage of cybersecurity experts by enabling quick deployment of appliances and services. Cost-effective secure SD-WAN allows organizations to leverage less expensive internet links. Organizations also can choose cost-effective subscription license models to control costs and reduce operational overhead.

New SonicWall Switch Line Features 7 Models for All Business Use Cases

SonicWall’s new multi-gigabit switch line works seamlessly with SonicWall next-generation firewalls and SonicWave wireless access points, creating an end-to-end multi-gigabit network that can be easily managed via Capture Security Center, a scalable cloud security management system.

Accelerating Endpoint Protection for Boundless Workforces in COVID-19 Era

Employees warrant the same protection outside of the confines of corporate networks as they do when mobile or working from home. SonicWall Capture Client helps control and manage content accessed by endpoints with configured policies that allow or block access to various websites. This allows endpoint security and content filtering to be managed from the same management console and includes web activity reporting for easier monitoring.

Common operating systems, including endpoints using Windows, Windows Server, Mac and Linux, are protected from malware and other malicious attacks by autonomous detection and protection in mission-critical data centers or a standalone/disconnected networks.

As the number of endpoints become increasingly significant challenges for IT departments to manage and protect, a combination of SonicWall Capture Client, Secure Mobile Access and Cloud Application Security can provide protection for end-users, devices and applications beyond the traditional network.

Boundless Cybersecurity for the ‘New Business Normal’

The distributed IT reality is creating an unprecedented explosion of exposure points across enterprises, SMBs and governments. SonicWall’s unified Boundless Cybersecurity platform handles the most evasive and cutting-edge threats across a ‘boundless’ workforce of remote, mobile and cloud-enabled users.

This approach protects organizations across a range of attack vectors, including networks, email, mobile and remote access, cloud, SaaS applications, endpoints, IoT devices and Wi-

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