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Helping SMBs Digitize | Dr. Pravin Parmar

Dr. Pravin Parmar | Founder & CEO –, IT Consultant – Aequitas Information Technology explains how both his businesses are working in sync to support digitization of SMBs..

What are the solutions and services offered by Aequitas Information Technology?’

 I started my career with enterprise solutions and we used to implement Microsoft Dynamics, ERP, CRM, business intelligence applications, and several other enterprise tools. We have our own two start-ups. In one we are having the HR software, a platform named HR IS 365. This is a completely SaaS based approach where we arehaving a lot of customers who are using this particular HR solution on a subscription basis.

Another startup.named Vyaparjagat is a platform where we recognize people. We recognize leaders, we recognize startups and entrepreneurs, we publish their business stories, success stories or their case studies on our platform.

These are in the chemical industry and we are coming up with a ready solutionwhich is having 25 lakh plus chemicals pre-loaded and there are more than 50,000 suppliers loaded and it has been mapped with the products and the suppliers. It will make a lot of a job easy for those kinds of companies where they are into trading, because we are offering not only the database along with that we are also offering the admin panel, the customer relationship management tool. The entire customer cycle will be managed within the single application.

What are the key technology solutions used by Aequitas? Can you elaborate it with some use cases?

You cannot trust one technology. It depends on the project behavior. It depends on the requirement, what skill your users are having, or what are the resources or the infrastructure you are having for any particular project? We always consider all these different dimensions and accordingly we select the technology and I will always recommend that to our customers too.

From an IT standpoint, what are some of the key initiatives initiated by Aequitas in ensuring that business continues as usual? 

We are working with multiple startups and even we have planned our own startups  in such a way where there are a few which can work in the interest of thr market. There are a few products which we havefor the domestic market.

We held tied up with many IT organizations and with them weexchange our work, e give our projects to others and then in the same way we arere getting several other projects from other organizations. We have a very flexible and dynamic approach and in any kind of crisis or anything, we can be there and always support our customers.

What are the key critical challenges after COVID19 and how it has changed the business model of most organizations?

It has actually badly impacted all the industries and  there are several changes which every organization is doing. Being in the IT industry, we already know how to take work remotely or how to delegate work remotely.  We already have been trained and so again, it was a kind of expectations from the past that the future will be like  people will be working from home or  things will go online and things will be digital.If you just look at the past five years, we really found that that we were talking about digital transformation, we were talking about things going online and  suddenly this particular pandemic situation has came and it has affected all the businesses. I think all the businesses are certainly converting their things online. If you talk about their sales process, order management system, if you talk about their employee management things, they are taking all those things online.

I think every customer is now afraid of this particular situation and they want that, let us try to manage the finances as well. And due to that, what happened is certain transitions are blocked. So due to that certain projects went on a kind of hold, as far as IT is concerned. Not only in my company, but in all the other companies, 70 to 90% things are functioning.

How can digital technologies help mitigate some of the challenges post COVID19 pandemic situation?

We are using several applications and tools which make the collaborative things very easy like managing chat or managing the communication. But apart from that, for delegating work with the employees or taking reports and updates from customers, from vendors, from our employees, we are having certain tools.  There are a specific tools for e employee management and those tools are again interactive, sending several notifications, reminding you for all the updates for various things. That way the digital tools and certain communication tools we are using, are actually helping us to keep us up-to-date.

We can make a digital transformation strategy for a specific business, but that depends on the specific business. There are several businesses that can go online. There are alternatives where they can even do business online. So I would suggest that those are the business where they can implement technologies, either they input their order management system online, or accounting,. And I think every department is having some room or some set of things which can be online. So this is something where digital technology can certainly help.

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