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Embracing Virtual Avatars to thrive in the post-Covid era

  • What are the solutions and services in the FusionVR portfolio? 

Fusion VR is helping businesses in their Digital-Transformation journeys by integrating VR/AR/MR/IoT & AI technologies into their mainstream Industry 4.0 adoption. To enhance production efficiencies and reduce safety-incidents, FusionVR has solutions that excel in multi-verticals with the accurate Key-Performance-Index (KPI) assessments.

Our Operator Training Simulators for Process-Plant SOP/Emergency/Safety Training, On-The-Job AR Assistance, Assembly-Line Training, Shop-Floor Equipment Maintenance training for Automobile/ Aerospace, Skill-Development Training, and Virtual Product Launching Platforms have been used for years by our Global-Clients & Govt agencies with proven production efficiency benefits. We work to create genuinely connected “Immersive Digital-Twin” experiences sure to captivate our Smart-Factory customers.

Our team is applying gamified learning modules as a motivational power to the non-game contexts of VR, a practice known as Gamification. This adds gaming elements to the non-game processes, motivates users, and makes learning exciting and more natural.

  • What are the use cases for FusionVR’s Industry 4.0 solutions for pharma and healthcare?

The Pharmaceuticals & healthcare sector has a strong legacy of embracing technological change, and its demand for intelligent solutions is only going to rise in the future. Immersive AR/VR solutions enable the sector to improve existing processes in myriad ways that would ultimately add value to the customer. Manufacturing of drugs and life science equipment requires a high degree of control, precision, and accuracy in operations. AR/VR/MR brings manufacturing excellence through smart visual and audio prompts, real-time assistance, and reinstating quality standards and consistency into the production cycle.

The same technology can be reimaged for practical workplace training in a risk-free manner. With realistic simulations of sophisticated machinery and the production cycle, the operators can better understand the process. Furthermore, AR/VR is an engaging concept, and with continued practice sessions, it will ensure efficiency in work, reduced risk, and lower downtime due to an inexperienced workforce.

  • How can AR/VR and augmented reality technologies better leveraged by the healthcare and manufacturing sectors?

The Pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector demands high compliance needs for manufacturing to maintain decent patient care standards. Hence, it becomes critical to employ the right resources and technologies to meet these quality parameters by maintaining a highly skilled workforce.

Detailed knowledge, operational discipline, and quality control are desired, and conventional training approaches are becoming obsolete in the changing world.

Immersive AR/VR technologies equip the manufacturing units with a high degree of control through smart visual and audio prompts, real-time assistance, hyper-realistic visual cues, natural & life-like interactions; psychophysics based emphatic learning, and making intelligent decisions with information overlay, driving consistency into the production cycle. Building a robust supply chain and practical logistics is imperative for the healthcare sector. VR and AR technologies ease the complexities in the logistics of medical equipment by giving real-time information to professionals at the right location. Smart AR/VR tools can be effectively used in the warehousing system to ease the product storage processes, pickups, assembly, packaging, staff training, and more to improve warehouse management.

  • What are the trends being witnessed in the smart manufacturing and logistics domain?

Industry 4.0 technologies like VR/AR/MR can get your company back on track in the current times. The traditional industries require constant support and maintenance of aging machinery and equipment. Industry 4.0’s Predictive maintenance and smart asset management resolve these concerns through predictive maintenance and immersive AR assistance. Through condition-based monitoring, the enterprise gains real-time insights into equipment health. It also delivers alerts and notifications on predictive maintenance and any possible risks of circling the machinery, thereby improving equipment mortality, and lowering the chances of failure. Another impactful change that Industry 4.0 brings is Augmented Reality simulation, which is a great way to train and assist maintenance professionals and improve productivity.

Industry 4.0’s advanced data accumulation and accurate analytics will bring critical production and supply-chain insights and the opportunity to optimize operations and unlock real efficiency. The entire production, procurement, and distribution cycles of the industry are a vital source of data. The ability to decipher this crude information into actionable insights is where Industry 4.0 adds value. Through these insights, an enterprise can identify potential threats and engage with descriptive and predictive analysis of a situation that is yet to arrive. The use of simulation and digital design secures efficiency in production.

  • With contactless and remote working being the norm now, how can AR/VR technologies help businesses in the new normal?

The pandemic halted operations in the real world, and businesses quickly identified alternatives in the virtual spectrum. Specific to VR, social distancing in training sessions can be achieved through AR/VR simulations to reduce the risk associated with on job training. Additionally, the technology is capable of empowering businesses to go completely contactless with virtual avatars. Almost every sector today has found some form of mainstream AR/VR technology application, and its scope will improve in the post-COVID reality.

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