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Allied Worldwide Seeks New Paradigms in Outsourcing

Akash Bhat , Chief Executive Officer, Allied Worldwide outlines how intelligent automation is redefining today’s outsourcing arrangements

What are the solutions and services offered by Allied Worldwide?

Our current focus is on our AI/BI/IoT solutions which enable our customers and partners to go beyond Hello World. From innovations in Agri-tech with our yield forecasting and disease prevention algorithms to our solutions with thermal sensors during the current Covid19 times, we help use technology for better results while still being in charge of the whole process.

Allied has continuously challenged traditional business models to remain at the forefront of innovation and digital transformation trends. our pioneering profit-sharing model focuses on partnerships rather than traditional client-supplier relationships. Founded in 1992, Allied Worldwide has been supporting its customers grow their businesses through ourGlobal IT Managed Services, IT Support, and Business Solutions. We help our customers create agile workforces, leverage business data for growth, expand into new geographies, take advantage of innovation, and ensure IT is always on. Allied continues to invest in people and technology and plans to remain at the cutting edge and forefront in implementing new solutions and services.

What is the GTM strategy that you follow specifically for the Indian market?

Our GTM strategy is about problem solving and taking buyers of our solutions through a journey where they are involved in shaping the solution. Our positioning is not just as a supplier of people or supplier of services but as a partner in solving complex issues using technologies or sometimes just simplifying the current complex processes. It’s about value generation for the companies we work with.

For us although positioning is important, we also narrate stories from our global customers to our customers in India that would compel them to understand why they need a particular solution. Often,it is not about a pain area but about a change area.

We also believe in solving problems in partnership with the customer and not in just providing reactive remedies. Our approach is to understand the reason for any action that our customers are taking before providing any solutions. As an example, if a customer is looking to outsource their service desk – we would like to understand if they are outsourcing their problem for a solution to what they think is the issue or their decision is based on a trend they are seeing, or its just cost arbitrage, so on and so forth. We are continuously working with our customers to help solve issues in their world rather than sell our services.

What is your topline distribution as per geographic contribution?

The three major geographic contributions come from UK and Europe, the APAC region and the Americas in that

Horizontally what are the top five service lines that you currently offer?

The top 5 services would include IT Managed Services, Digital Transformation and Operations, Systems and Technology, Consulting, Talent Transformation

How are Indian enterprises enabling digital transformation through Intelligent Automation?

India has been an early adopter of Digital despite being a late entrant to the digital party. There are already many companies in India adopting Digital Transformation to solve traditional or legacy problems. Their customers also saw value from this and it helped them regularly evaluate their strategies and on-ground tactics.Network-ops, service desk, data centers are seeing IA. With more and more tasks handled by intelligent automation, technicians are now able to dedicate more time to creative problem solving and problem elimination. This accelerates progress in innovation and also creating a reliable infrastructure for clients. Cognitive technologies are able to process unstructured data for prescriptive analysis, making the processes smarter than before. This increases overall efficiency, and also enhances decision-making. Organizations reap the benefits by staying competitive and growing customer loyalty while ensuring that they achieve compliance.

What are some of your use cases?

Allied Worldwide has been supporting its customers to grow their businesses through its Global IT Managed Services, IT Support and Business Solutions. We help our customers create agile workforces, leverage business data for growth, expand into new geographies, take advantage of innovation and ensure IT is always on.

Our innovative range of solutions now include IoT, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence / Business Intelligence and App Development.

We have a great solution in the Agri-tech space which is a combination of sensors, device management software and data analytics. In addition to recording all relevant data, it enables:

  • Report creation in real-time
  • Combining KPIs without coding
  • Customized drill-down of data
  • Easy filters for end-users

We have created a contactless thermal sensor which addresses the need of the hour, staying safe during the pandemic:

  • Single IoT based dashboard to track attendance, geolocation and temperature
  • Compliance Management Integration
  • Contactless
  • Wireless
  • Fully automatic

What are Allied’s unique differentiators over other digital transformation service providers?

We focus on the customer rather than the technology to be used. We are not distracted as we work with a few customers at any single time. We partner with our customers on innovations which help them make informed decisions on cost optimization and revenue generation while improving overall productivity of technology, people and processes.

What are the emerging trends in IT outsourcing?

Communications & High-Tech enterprises must brace themselves to take advantage of the next wave of outsourcing opportunities to upgrade their process performance, productivity, revenues, and cost savings. And, equally important, they must prepare themselves to fuel the revolution. The scope of outsourcing has expanded dramatically in recent years. So, too, have the benefits of outsourcing from simple IT cost reductions to dramatic improvements in efficiency and productivity. As the evolution continues, several trends are emerging and building upon one another in a way that will fundamentally alter the role of outsourcings contribution to improving overall business performance. Here are few emerging trendswe can expect in2021: –

  • Focus on outputs and strategic partnerships
  • Reduction of outsourcing costs mainly because of use of technology especially in the automation area
  • There is likely to be a reduction in demand for call centers, but the need of intelligent service desks may remain
  • Cloud services would continue to grow along with collaboration tools
  • Remote work will see an increase as companies would notice better outputs
  • Development would be focused on mobile first
  • AI and data science skills will see demand

How are you looking at closing the cybersecurity gaps in DX?

Advanced cybersecurity automation is oneway that enterprises are using to soothe the effects of the skills shortage. Still, it takes human strategy and a collaborative effort to effect pervasive and continuous protection from cyberthreats. At stake are not only individual companies, but also their clients, their supply chains, and the public at large. In fact, according to a survey, 82% of employers say they have a shortage of cybersecurity skills—and 71% say this causes direct and measurable damage to their organizations. Rather than deploring the talent shortfall, the C-suite can and should do something about it. It may be an uphill exercise – but allies and opportunities to get started are sufficient. Here are some ideas: –

  • Advanced information governance program
  • Holistic security approach versus the focus of hackers
  • Use capabilities such as advanced data intelligence gathering, and security analytics optimized with automation and AI to force-multiply our efforts and assess advanced threats that may have bypassed our controls
  • Collaborate with our partners and continue to learn
  • We are adopting new approaches for identity and access management (IAM) to enable authentication without imposing on the customer experience. We are focusing on technologies that include passive behavioral approaches, that is, focus on what and who you are rather than what you know
  • Security as a company culture and increased executive involvement

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