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Meeting the Demands of Future Communication Service Networks

The rapid development of IT and its ability to drive integration in communication industry has enabled unprecedented innovation in the industry. With accelerated adoption of 5G, IoT, mobile cloud acceleration, AR/VR, and other emerging technologies, are now enabling fixed network architectures provided by traditional CoSPs (communication service providers). But the high bandwidth, low latency, and high density requirements from 5G, IoT, and other such services cannot be met by current communication networks, it will also demand next generation network architecture.


China Telecom, one of China’s most important CoSPs, planned to have innovative network infrastructure as key to its future business development and transformation. Clearly, SDN/NFV technology that allow for deployment of a new generation operation system with cloud deployment of network elements, software-defined intelligent network control, network DC transformation, and other network changes were the need of the day. They also promote vertical decoupling and horizontal openness.

The Solution and Experts

To promote network innovation, China Telecom’s technical experts proposed a starting point of cloud deployment of network elements, for promoting the deployment and establishment of NFV-based core network functionalities. With the support of Intel and some other partners, China Telecom, combined their advantages in fixed and wireless network communication to create new concepts in converged fixed and mobile networking, heterogeneous computing and other ideas.

As a leader of technological innovation in the field of information and communication, Intel has worked with China Telecom in the past to promote the application of Intel® RSD, DPDK*, and other leading products and technologies in the area of NFVi (Network Function Virtualization infrastructure). In order to help China Telecom implement core network functionalities based on NFV and provide low-latency, high-bandwidth service capabilities, China Telecom used Intel’s latest Intel® Select Solution for NFVi, Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator (Intel® VCA) for proof-of-concept deployment, that have yielded satisfactory preliminary results.

This Select Solution and Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator was carried out in order to verify the feasibility and value of using edge data centers to implement core network functions and improve video acceleration and user experience. It also created a good foundational infrastructure for edge computing and delivers an entire set of computing, storage, and networking functionalities while providing integrated capabilities for various VNF network elements and its fixed and mobile network services. While Intel® VCA greatly accelerates the video encoding, decoding, and transcoding performance at vCDN nodes and effectively improves the user experience for IPTV and other video services. Intel® Select Solution for NFVi and Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator help China Telecom launch vCDN testing on edge data center.

Advantage Intel for China Telecom

Through this proof-of-concept project, China Telecom has gained valuable experience in the following areas:


  • Successfully demonstrated that edge data centers can effectively drive the implementation of NFV-based core network functionalities to provide end users better service and experience.
  • Successfully demonstrated the capacity, security, reliability, and high availability of Intel® Select Solution for NFVi in edge data centers.
  • Successfully demonstrated the outstanding performance of the new generation Intel® VCA in video acceleration and that is able to accommodate vCDN requirements in edge data centers.

Commercial value

The edge data center vCDN proof-of-concept and solution environment created by China Telecom with Intel and other partner manufacturers not only verifies that edge data centers can effectively drive the implementation of NFV-based core network functionalities, it also implements the capacity, security, reliability and high availability of the Intel® Select Solution for NFVi architectures for edge data centers. At the same time, the outstanding video acceleration performance of Intel® VCA was confirmed during the proof-of-concept process.

This proof-of-concept and solution project was an important attempt by CoSPs to implement cloud deployment and promote network transformation.

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